Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fashion Cycle

Fashion is always spinning round so as trend. We can see that people's trends of fashion way back a couple of years are also in today's generation. This is because from time to time designers tend to re-invent the styles and looks, or they just simply maintain it from their original structure.Thus, each year bunch of designs, colors, and prints are out on stores which give us the feeling of new excitement. In the world of fashion, some become outmoded, and some come back with new improved styles.

This year, the most popular fashion specially among women is the vintage look, which is imitated from the late 80's. This is just one basis that fashion doesn't fade, it always goes round and round. Yet, time and again it becomes more attractive when improved.

Trends are always emerged with fashion. One of the popular trend which is still alive and kicking is of laced tops, for those who want to have the vintage feminine look but still stunning. High waist skirts and pants are perfect for formal or casual wears. The floral print perfect for a summer get up has also gone retro this year. Whatever outfit a person wears, whether outmoded or in as long as he/she wears it with confidence, then the he/she is ready flaunt it all the way.